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The notes of the composition are appearing alternately, like echo. Just a tiny bit worried that it might be too sweet for me.The composition features intoxicating Himalayan blue poppy, white and yellow flowers (mimosa, rose, freesia...) and vanilla flower. I have a 50 ml bottle which is gonna last me a very long time because all you need is 2 sprits max and you are good for 8-10 hrs. If you dived into the deep end of a perfume swimming pool you would come up smelling like Poeme !! I put Poeme in the same league as Organza and Amarige when it comes to sweetness, and I can't wear neither of those.Poeme is complex and indecipherable in its 90s fabulosity. This is fine for everyday use or special occasions. This is one of those perfumes that you just cannot stop smelling . With a fanfare of trumpets heralding many other Lancome fragrances, this wonderful scent is so often overlooked. But now it felt perfect: not too sweet, not too fresh and not loud at all, just very pleasant, comfortable and still very recognizable.One must experience it to appreciate its beauty, and I suggest anyone with a passion for fragrance and it's wonderful history do so immediately. I only discovered this recently, but it is everything I have been seeking in a signature scent: it smells absolutely divine, is powerful but not overpowering, lasts all day long and I feel comfortable wearing it day or night. I am not going to wear Poeme often, maybe just next time at the airport, but what I thought of was how good the perfumes of the past really were, comparing to so many contemporary creations.

It can be used by any ethnicity and for men or women.

The initial stages are an unusual floral to say the least but later it has a smell of yellow flowers hovering above.. It’s aomewhat sweet and not your generic sweet floral that’s all the rage at the moment but I am struggling very much here. If you took EA Dream Petals, added a sharper aspect, and more depth, a more realistic sunflower note and a curry undertone, you might just have it. It must have been reformulated or my taste have changed over the years because I didn't like it in my teens and I really like it now. The longevity and sillage are both excellent, and it works for me. I agree with many reviewers here that this is a must try scent, especially for lovers of sweet vanillic florals.

I don’t get jasmine from this as per other reviews at all. I recommend this juice to any guy who may be looking for a light scent which has character and is not loud in flowers, and that will also last all day and night with one application. My AWFUL first and only experience with Poeme was an old co-worker I had. Yes, I would get a whiff of what smelled like paper on fire. It has this slight fruity acidity to it that sets it apart from other sweet white florals.

She is very sophisticated and classy yet not intimidating. For me these scents, which you can find mostly on the lower shelves, are like old dolls, forgotten in the children rooms - still beautiful, but not very interesting for grown up kids. To me it smells like Sunflowers *should* have smelled. I was looking for an acacia based opo, and here it is. " I am wondering if her bottle had turned after all those years and she just never noticed. Though a well made fragrance, it is too sweet for me.

"Come closer, and you may not ever want to leave me...." Will warm the cockles of the coldest of hearts. I am happy we still can enjoy their grace, nevertheless. It does smell very yellow, and I have a hard time putting my finger on what it actually smelled of. I am a man, and this acacia is matched well with the musk and the hint of orange flower. I may try to layer it with a green such as ck truth, and see what happens. It may bring forward different notes, and mute the sweetness i find so cloying.

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