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As a result, manszczytzna is a strong and trained defender. It denotes people related to the mountains (mountains – góry .The word, in a courteous way, begun to be used to denote every man wearing trousers. A Czech chronicler, Kosmas of Prague called Poles Horwaci (Croats). How to call the mountain men gifted with the god might – mana? Beyond the shadow of a doubt this word is purely Polish. First, it was written what was suitable for the Vatican-German state.

It is the evidence that the Polish nation has been living in their territories for at least twelve thousand years. This information testifies – beyond the shadow of a doubt – for the real story”.

The names of rivers and old towns, despite the linguistic distortions, speak the Slavic language.

But that is not enough – gold and bronze little figures found in Przylwice – Prilwitz on the Rhine, are described with the Slavic runes in the language of the Slavs.

The feeling, called frustration, was expressed by the representative of the German science from the University of Leipzig when he came upon the book titled: ”The Polish Runes Have Started To Speak”.

He did not attack the work as no falsity can be proven, but he went for the author and he did so in quite roughly.

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