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Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nana finds out he has vocal cysts in her throat.

After the performance, Teacher Ahn’s group is celebrating with her homemade bibimbap.

JB tells him to calm down, but he turns on his partner saying that he’s probably glad that Nana’s gone because she was better than him.

JB says that’s not true since they’re a team, but then Si Woo brings up the fact that he wanted to go solo in the beginning of the series and storms off.

Seul even has a moment with her father when their eyes meet, who I think should’ve been the only one cheering for that performance since it’s what he always wanted from her. Nana is apparently having problems with her voice again, but refused to go to the doctor like Si Woo wanted her to.

She nods when he asks if she’ll be able to complete the performance and agrees to go to the doctor afterwards.

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