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Mc Fadden’s May 23, 1932 Charges of Theft and Treason against FRB; 8) New Frontier Discharge Reversionary Interest; 9) What is a Birth Certificate; 10) The Birthright.

If there is anything further needed from me, please contact me within stated time, and confirm all communications in writing.

NOTICE: EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES and PRIVATE CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION The undersigned hereby grants recipient hereof with the segregated safekeeping of records under the delivery of and bearing the unique identifier of 1111 2222 3333 4444 5555 and commands the return of same in kind after particular use, to wit John Henry Doe 750 E.

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This right of setoff is effected per 12 USC 95a(2) by simply indorsing and dating all bills and returning them to their presenters for “discharge upon payment” by the United States Treasury.Option 2, “DISCHARGE UPON PAYMENT” MUST USE LAWFUL MONEY.LAWFUL MONEY may not be in “circulation” physically, but it is still AVAILABLE by the above method, and therefore is still in circulation, but behind the scenes as handled by the Trustees thereof via setoffs and adjustments to perform discharges. Real value has to be exchanged between both parties to have true PAYMENT, TO ENABLE FULL TITLE TO PROPERTY TO TRANSFER. Demanding lawful money for all transactions (see instructions in the HJR-192 folder) 2.Im Livestream kann der Gottesdienst während der Fernsehübertragung auch im Internet gesehen werden.Pressematerial zu den Gottesdiensten Hintergrundinformationen allgemein Aktueller Jahresplan ZDF-Gottesdienste seit 2003Jeden Sonntag überträgt das ZDF um Uhr im Wechsel evangelische und katholische Gottesdienste live im Fernsehen.

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