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Contrary to popular belief and falsified bullshit put out there by women, talking dirty with your date is actually possible and a great sign of things to come! They won’t see a thing but hear you moaning silently”…

Let’s say that you’re feeling quite frisky and your GF is currently away at work. : Bars and nightclubs are sexually charged environments where chicks are opened to being hit on and treated as sex objects. But how many guys actually get sexual with strange women at bars? The defining factor between you and the drunk guy is that you’ll be coherent oppose to the drunk guy who lacks coherency and proper calibration. You know what they say about girls who drink Apple Martinis right”? Me: “You’re gonna be really offended by this…[building tension, anticipation and intrigue by pausing]…They say that girls who drink Apple Martinis…are lacking good sex”! If she doesn’t flake, she will flat out make a bunch of excuses as to why we cannot meet up.Firstly, let’s begin with the 3 most common follies and mistakes guys make when it comes to sex talk: : Bad timing is the most common mistake we make as men.I’ve witnessed guys try to strike up sex talk at a crowded bar counter to no avail.“I prefer playing it safe” “I’m too shy to talk dirty” Your own mind will fuck you out of easy pussy! Start off with: “I’m in the mood to eat something sweet”! You’re planting seeds of sex, which is 100 times more powerful than being blatant…in this case.Tame your inner inhibition when it comes to talking dirty with women, and just let it all hang out but with tact and skills.

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