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Dating of the assemblages shows the changes between dominant core reduction strategies are sequential and time restricted in both South and North Africa.It is concluded that variability of the same kind occurs in Middle Stone Age and Middle Palaeolithic assemblages south and north of the Sahara in the early Late Pleistocene. Bern, Switzerland: Geographica Bernensia (eds.) National Agricultural Resilience Framework (NARF). In: Towards cognitive cities: advances in cognitive computing and its applications to the governance of large urban systems. Results from the Focal Topic "From Knowledge to Action – New Paths towards Sustainable Consumption". Springer International Publishing 10.1007/978-3-319-33798-2_6 In: Tenth International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (pp. At the Vanguard of Design Science: First Impressions and Early Findings from Ongoing Research Research-in-Progress Papers and Poster Presentations from the 10th International Conference: DESRIST 2015 (eds.) The Nature of Sustainable Consumption and How to Achieve it. Results from the Focal Topic "From Knowledge to Action – New Paths towards Sustainable Consumption".

A Report by the Advisory Committee on Agricultural Resilience in Nigeria (ACARN) (pp. Abuja, Nigeria: Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigeria Risk 21 - Coping with Risks Due to Natural Hazards in the 21st Century: Proceedings of the RISK21 Workshop, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland, 28 November - 3 December 2004, pp. London: Taylor & Francis In: DIGIT Workshop 2012, Delivering e-Services in the Digitally-Enabled World Economy / SIGADIT, AIS Special Interest Group on the Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology.

Par contre, le MSA I de Klasies River et le Taramsien de la Vallée du Nil évoquent une technologie de production non-Levallois ou Levallois modifiée.

Les éléments de datation disponibles indiquent que les changements dans la prépondérance des stratégies d’exploitation s’enchaînent dans une séquence chronologique bien identifiable, aussibien dans l’Afrique du Sud que l’Afrique du Nord.

Bern: Geographica Bernensia Rio2012 als Chance nutzen – Wege zu einer nachhaltigen Wirtschaft. Mountains, a source of resilience in arid regions (p. Rom, Italien: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Centre of Development and Environment (CDE) (eds.) Highlands and Drylands.

Bern: Geographica Bernensia (eds.) Highlands and Drylands. Bern, Switzerland: Geographica Bernensia (eds.) Research for Mitigating Syndromes of Global Change: A Transdisciplinary Appraisal of Selected Regions of the World to Prepare Development-Oriented Research Partnerships.

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