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It will come to pass.” V Pose Her nude pictures might have given horny city lads scrotal eruptions and sleepless nights but what is fascinating is the way she posed before the camera.

In case you have not seen these nudes, Desire’s right hand was struggling to weigh up her sagging missiles-like boobs whereas her left hand flashing a V-sign on the hinges of her long twinnies.

” Michelle Akampa counselled: “Turn to God and make him your hiding place.

We all have our past but with God all is forgotten.

“Helping someone is not a guarantee they will return the favour when in time of need,” said Luzinda.

She added: “Be the friend in need knowing payment comes from God.” Luzinda also told friends that she was shocked “by this man’s betrayal because this is the least I expected from someone I wholly gave my heart.” But her friends have since described the leakage of her photos as “totally indefensible.” Hanover Suleya Babyleya commented: I can’t even blame or judge or criticise you because honestly for someone who truly loves you wouldn’t dare do such a thing even if you were at cross wars.” She added: “That man portrayed a high level of stupidity and I am only sad that even us Ugandans instead of being there for our own we go ahead to make fun of the whole situation like as though we are saints. Most of us have some worse things but you come out here to judge her?

The pictures were taken at the singer’s rented apartment in Nalya, a Kampala suburb.

Franklin further re-echoed that there was no reason why he would bail out Luzinda because he is currently in another relationship and that he does not cheat like her.

The Nigerian businessman further advised that the singer should learn to handle her embarrassment and not to transfer it on other people saying that if she does not stop spoiling his name, he will even release their sex-tape.

The ‘V’ gesture is a political symbol of Uganda’s main opposition political party, FDC. Besides she even supports FDC,” joked city comedian Patrick Salvador.

Meanwhile security is investigating circumstances under which Franklin obtained a Ugandan passport.

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