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On the exterior, what really connects the new XC90 to its predecessor and undoubtedly to the whole Volvo range is its back, which although redesigned from scratch, still carries the iconic design characteristics that define the Volvo brand, recognisable even from a distance.If the exterior is stunning, the interior is something else. that celebrity look-and-feel that is hard to come by.We take a look at the benefits and feasibility of electric vehicles locally, as well as other options in reducing CO2 emissions on our roads, including gas conversions.Malta has one of the oldest car fleets and one of the lowest take-ups of electrical vehicles in all of Europe - can the successful scrappage scheme, which has been re-introduced for the fifth year in a row, help clear the air and the streets?Make that first experience even better with one of our knowledgeable team members on hand to show you the ropes. Sitting in the new Volvo XC90 feels like sitting in the plush cockpit of a modern aircraft that has just landed on our shores.It is also a head-turner and a fresh model that will be around for many years to come.

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VERDICT: If you’re scouring the market for a luxurious seven-seater SUV, you should seriously consider booking a test-drive to experience the XC90 for yourself. Owning the XC90 is equivalent to pleasing both the heart and the mind: owning and driving a practical, spacious SUV while at the same time going round in a luxury executive vehicle that is very difficult to beat.The design is ‘new’ because it feels, and is, radically different to its predecessor, which was already a very competent 4x4.The exterior look is very fresh and crisp, with a stylish front that features one of the coolest headlamps on the market, as well as a rebranded Volvo badge that looks much sleeker and blends very well with the aerodynamic external design of the new XC90.In order to to redeem tickets winner must have and or be willing to create a free Flash Seats account in order to redeem tickets as the raffle winner.Customer must present this certificate to Leikin Volvo along with proof of identification and purchase or lease new vehicle by the expiration date to receive offer.

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