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He wrote: “So a friend attended Lincoln uni, and it was a joke for them.

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We also have concerns about the release of intellectual property, which we know other respondents are addressing.It was never intended to be placed in the public domain.Obtaining copies of project licences is a key target for those who oppose animal research. We believe that more information about animal research should proactively be made available to the public, while safeguarding information which could be used by extremists to target individuals and institutions. We recommend that the following information should be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act and that this should apply to all public bodies: the names and addresses of individuals and establishments involved in animal research, to help protect them from the possibility of attack by extremists; and information provided to the Home Office in confidence for the purposes of applying for a Project Licence. We also propose that the Home Office should more closely define which sections of the Project Licence application form will contain confidential information and hence be excluded from publication through Freedom of Information requests.Ian Richards, a spokesman for the University of Lincoln, praised the display of Lincoln pride, and said: “The Inbetweeners is a very funny comedy series, but perhaps not the most reliable source of information on university standards.“We’d prefer students to look at national university league tables and the National Student Survey, which show we have one of the fastest-rising universities in the country.

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